Joe Mixon 


MIXONMUSIC caribbean steel drum music

Guitar player in Bethlehem

Wedding bands

​​​​​​​​​Mixonmusic Caribbean Steel Drum Music

Certified Instructor: Masters in Music
Guitar, Piano, Bass and Vocals
30 years teaching experience.

 Jazz, Rock, Blues, Caribbean, Classical

   Music Faculty


Swain School    

 Mixonmusic Studio



March Shows

14th  The Match Lehigh St Bethlehem 7-`0

16th The Jam Experience Arts Quest in Bethlehem 7-10

17th Ginger and Joe at The Artisan in Bethlehem  6-9

​23rd The Bookstore Speakeasy Bethlehem 6:30-9:30

24th Ginger &The Schnapps Arts Quest 7-10

28th Yannies in Betlehem solo 5:30-8:30